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Event Consulting and Design
PIA Entertainment, Inc. is a boutique event planning, management and consulting company located in Westchester, New York. We specialize in offering our clients comprehensive resources for event planning and organization, social-projects management, development and design of promotional materials, integrated marketing, public relations, social media management, and coordinated solutions for groups or businesses that are planning specialized events. Consultations for logistical and strategic support of your own in house projects are also available. Through the use of our services, our client’s affairs are always well organized, well publicized, and well attended.


  • "There is only one word to describe the event last night AWESOME! Really had a wonderful time! We must repeat next year! Good food, music, people, raffles...everything! Congr..."
    The Wartburg
  • ""This event was well organized and we enjoyed interacting with everyone. Thank you for your support!""
    Jim W.

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